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Titanium Internally Threaded Barbell

ASTM F136 Titanium internally threaded barbell



    Titanium Internally Threaded Barbell

    1.6*10+3/3MM | 1.6*12+4/4MM | 1.6*12*5/5mm | 1.6*14+5/5mm | 1.6*16+3/3mm | 1.6*16+5/5mm | 1.6*19+5/5mm | 1.6*20+5/5mm | 1.6*22+5/5mm | 1.6*35*5/5mm | 1.6*38*5mm | 1.2*6*3mm | 1.2*8*3mm | 1.2*9*3mm | 1.2*10*3mm | 1.2*12*4mm | 1.2*14*4mm

    Colour: Titanium
    Stone Colour: Clear


    1.6*10+3/3MM, 1.6*12+4/4MM, 1.6*12*5/5mm, 1.6*14+5/5mm, 1.6*16+3/3mm, 1.6*16+5/5mm, 1.6*19+5/5mm, 1.6*20+5/5mm, 1.6*22+5/5mm, 1.6*35*5/5mm, 1.6*38*5mm, 1.2*6*3mm, 1.2*8*3mm, 1.2*9*3mm, 1.2*10*3mm, 1.2*12*4mm, 1.2*14*4mm


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